Free Flights to Italy (Circoscr. Estera)

‟Italians need to reconnect with Italy and preserve the Italian heritage and culture in order to strengthen and empower ties between the American continent and Italy„
Free Flights to Italy is the only organization in the world that has a specific target for the benefit of Italian citizens living abroad: building bridges between communities through free flights to and from Italy.
Free Flights to Italy operates under the auspices of the Italian President. Most of the organization’s members, who are all AIRE volunteers, wish to strengthen their cultural bonds with Italy through scholarships, language learning, travels (flying for free to and from Italy), genealogy, study of Italian history and Italian art etc. Membership is always free. The headquarters are located in Rome, Italy.
Free Flights to Italy currently operates in Italy, USA, Canada and Central America. Not only does the organization supports initiatives to fly from/to Italy for free, but it also gives citizens and/or dual citizens access to culture via schools and society. The Italian NGO builds bridges between cultures and individuals, cultural heritage and the exact sciences, innovation and technology, integrating communities and leaving a legacy.
Free Flights to Italy is a genuine and legally recognized NGO based in Italy, which is why its domain name has been approved after a validation process carried out but the most important Internet authorities.


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